Unlimited Creative Corporations by Ruby N Lewis

My first book, Unlimited Creative Corporations, has two major movements included. The first movement entitled, PDDBM: Please Don’t Black Men, is a movement that is dedicated for the uplifting and inspiring of our black male race of America. It is for all of those whom are not afraid to stand with me and join in the fight to save our black boys and men from a nation who claims that majority of them are dying, whether emotionally, physically, sexually, or spiritually by drugs, alcohol, unemployment, lust, violence, lack of education, abuse, money, or by any other means. The mission statement of PDDBM is: Looking Forward At The Awesome Characteristics And Features That Make The Black Male So Appealing, Giving Resources To Them As An Option Of Having The Choice To Succeed And Or Fail By Not Letting Society Dictate That Choice For Them, And Encouraging Them To Hold On And Believe That They Do Not Have To Be The Negative Image That Society Tells Them They Are. I will be coming out with the T-Shirts between August and December 2012.

The second movement that is included in this book is entitled, USOC: United States Orphans Coalition. USOC is a cause that talks about: Over 90% of all children placed in the Social Services System will be physically and sexually abused in the welfare system than their own homes. More than half of them will also become homeless before the age of 18. Almost all of them at some point will have suicidal attempts or ideations. All of them will be statistically subjected to having their own kids part of the welfare system as well even if they don’t deserve to be. We need to take a stand and stop the growing disgrace that system has made for our kids. When is this madness going to end?

USOC accepts donations on the webpage, however, all proceeds go to The United Orphan Foundation of America. USOC’s mission is to: Help Stop Abuse In The Foster Care System And Give United States Orphans Hope.

As a former United States Orphan, I know that people tend to sit back and judge you, when your door just flies open and department of social services comes into your house and takes your children. They don’t ask any questions. They don’t even need proof. All they need is word of mouth by one person, one phone call about you from someone who is either jealous or hates you, and it’s over. My situation is with my oldest child. Social services illegally took her and placed her with her father, a convicted sex offender. The biggest black family in Oregon was part of it. I have enough evidence to not only get her back, but also to press a lawsuit; however, it has been extremely hard trying to find a lawyer who is willing to fight against the state and the biggest black family in Oregon. I have evidence of perjury, obstruction of justice, slander, brainwashing of a minor, and so much more. The reason why I started this coalition is more than just about me. As I began to research, I found that there hundreds of cases just like mine. Tons of cases in which social services put children with convicted sex offenders, illegally “stole” children from their homes when they didn’t need to be, and placed children in homes in which they were physically and sexually abused in foster care, but not in their own homes. When is this going to end? Television and movies (Hotel for Dogs, The People Next Door, Madea’s Family Reunion, Ordinary Miracles, etc.) constantly make fun of and glamorize foster care and the adoption of foster children. I am all for a social services system that really “works” for homes in which the children are being physically or sexually abused and it is proven, but what happens to the children who DON’T need to be taken and why are the numbers so high of this situation happening? That is extremely traumatic for the child as well as the parent. For a mother to be ripped from her child while the system states that if they go crazy, then they really do not love their child. Why kind of society do we live in??? I too was a foster care child. I know what the system is like. I was there when two and three year olds were being placed in institutions, but they acted like regular kids. I was there when kids in group homes and institutions were being physically and sexually abused by the staff and no one cared. I was there when girls were getting pregnant by staff and the “girls” were getting in trouble and being called “jailbait”. I was also there when some of these institutions and group homes were concealing their records and hiding the very thing that Social Services allow. We need a better system. Please do not ignore this cry and thousands of other adults and children who wish to be reunited together and long for a better social services system with me.